The first decentralized open-source, non-custodial money market protocol on Cardano network where users can participate as depositors or borrowers.

Borrow instantaneously from the Adayield Protocol with no trading fees, no slippage, and directly on the Cardano blockchain using your AYID token as collateral.

Adayield gives you direct on-chain access to a worldwide interest rate curve liquidity pool on demand.

ADAYIELD uses smart contracts to create decentralized money markets, allowing lenders to automatically receive the current supply rate and developers to include interest directly in their product.

Interest can be earned on balances stored within the protocol dependent on market demand for that asset. The block earns interest and can be used as collateral to borrow money.

The total supply of AYID tokens is 500 Million.

• Private Sale 150,000,000 vesting 6 months
• Public Sale 250,000,000 no lock up
• Foundation 30,000,000 vesting 4 years
• Ecosystem Growth Pool 70,000,000

About Adayield

Adayield is a lending platform where users can hold their assets and receive interest or borrow tokens and repay it after a while.

Like other currency market protocols, Adayield is built on the Cardano network, open-source, and non-custodial Defi protocol.

Two principal roles are supplier and borrower.
Adayield in full operations will provide borrowers with better interest than competitors, a new mechanism for determining interest rates is considered, choosing each market’s borrowing interest rate. Based on this mechanism, the borrower will repay the system at a more stable rate than other platforms. 

The interest received from the borrowers is distributed among the suppliers according to the amount they have provided. Therefore, the supply rate will be automatically calculated based on the total supply in the protocol. This mechanism can also increase the supply rate through the promotion rate.

What Problem is Adayield protocol trying to solve?

Adayield has provided a different mechanism compared with other Defi platforms to assure the borrowers and ensure the users’ assets based on the Cardano platform. In this mechanism, Adayield has separated the supply and the collateral pools.
In the platforms similar to Adayield, the borrower can receive interest for his collateral. Still, in Adayield, the borrower doesn’t receive interest, but he’s confident that his collateral is not being used, and it’s kept in the collateral pool.

In fact, by doing so, without a need for institutional insurance or a centralized institution, Adayield uses a decentralized channel to assure the borrower is able to withdraw his collateral the instant he wants to. While in other Defi platforms, the borrower can only withdraw his collateral when liquidity is available in the platform’s liquidity pool.

Since the Defi platforms are decentralized, and the users have full control over their assets, they have always excelled at the Cefi platforms. The mechanism Holdefi is providing has resolved the superiority of Cefi platforms over the Defi platforms. We believe with this mechanism, Defi is excelling at the Cefi and traditional banking.

Not to forget that the users can use the Defi platforms without KYC, and these platforms need to consider the users’ needs and to expand themselves, compete

Frequently Asked Questions

Adayield takes a small amount as a fee to connect suppliers and borrowers.

Adayield has markets with a different interest rate; you can check markets and deposit your assets to earn interest.

Interest rates fluctuate in real-time based on supply and borrow amounts. When the supply is more than the borrowed amount, the interest rate decreases, and when the borrowed is more than the supply amount, the interest rate increase. Adayield mechanism can also increase the supply rate through the promotion rate. This mechanism incentivizes a new supplier or borrower to join the platform.

Holdefi uses Cardano smart contract, so this platform is available for every Cardano user.

You can deposit your assets anytime from your Adayield dashboard.

The interest rate can fluctuate as frequently as every block mined in the Cardano blockchain.

The interest rate can change based on supply and borrower amount with a mathematical formula.

Based on this feature, you can borrow instantly without any collateral and repay it only with one transaction.

Adayield is an open-source project which allows Cardano users to interact with Adayield. Also, you can build applications to interact with our protocol and enrich your product. Besides all of these things, you can have more profit in Adayield with promotion Reserved.

Adayield can be considered risk entirely free, but Cardano blockchain and smart contracts are new technologies and are still developing.